At Sterling the preparation of caviar is an art steeped in tradition. Our production is carried out using craft skills, with subtle secrets passed down from generation to generation. It’s an approach that allows us to conserve the firmness, texture and integrity of our caviar.

Once extracted from the female sturgeon, the eggs are carefully refrigerated, washed and sieved by hand to ensure exceptional quality. Later, we add just enough very fine salt to keep them fresh and bring out the flavour of the caviar, the Malossol method. Once mixed with salt, the caviar is put in tins where it matures for three months at low temperatures. Finally, it is vacuum packed to order in smaller tins for sale round the world.

In accordance with the strictest purity requirements, we do not add any preservatives other than salt to our caviar at Sterling. The use of other preservative chemicals, mainly Borax (E-285), allows the shelf-life of the product to be extended but makes the flavour more rancid and impairs the texture. That is why Sterling Caviar completely rejects the use of these preservatives, committing to a fresh, hand-produced product of impeccable quality.