Caviar is an extremely delicate and highly perishable food. That is why at Sterling Caviar we take the greatest care throughout the process to ensure that it reaches the consumer in perfect condition.

The caviar is packed fresh on our farm, transported with gel packs in refrigerated sleeves and reaches its destination in no more than 24 hours. Follow these steps to ensure that our caviar does not lose any of its quality:

  • Sterling Caviar should be stored in the coldest part of the fridge at between 0 and -3º C, with the gel packs form the package. Please do not freeze it in any circumstances.
  • To enjoy he best texture and flavour, Sterling Caviar should be eaten with 2-4 hours of opening. You should avoid exposing it too much to the air.
  • We recommend consuming all the caviar in a tin in one sitting. If kept after opening, its texture and flavour will deteriorate.