Our Caviar

Sterling Caviar is produced from the sustainable farming of a species of sturgeon native to Northern California called Acipenser Transmontanus or White Sturgeon. The quality and flavour of caviar from this species place it among the most appreciated round the world.

White sturgeon caviar is distinguished by, among other things, its deep flavour, rich in overtones, and it is often compared to the best Osetra. It tends to be a little oilier than other caviars, but that is the very quality that gives it its extraordinary taste and mouthfeel. It can be described as a smooth caviar, strongly nutty, with a very creamy finish.

Sterling classifies its caviar using four criteria: size, colour, texture and taste. We offer the following grades of caviar:

Sterling Caviar Imperial

This caviar is our rarest and most exclusive, thanks to its beautiful golden colour. It typically has large to medium grains of 3 millimetres or more in diameter and a firm texture. Sterling Caviar Imperial is sold in small quantities, as levels of production vary from harvest to harvest.

Sterling Caviar Supreme

Our most generous caviar presents a peerless combination of taste, size and firmness. In the mouth it surprises with an initial smoothness full of hints of walnut and almond with a velvety, very creamy finish. It has large pearls of 3-4 millimetres and its texture is very firm. The colouring is mainly green, on a spectrum from amber to dark green.

Sterling Caviar Royal

Large pearls, with diameter of 3 millimetres or more. Its texture in the mouth is firm and consistent, and you can feel the explosion of the eggs against the palate. Its colour range passes from anthracite to black with pale glints, and it is distinguished by its deep and delicate nutty flavour, with hints of the sea which surpass all expectations for the taste of caviar.

Sterling Caviar Classic

It can be described as a caviar with a smooth and robust flavour, with a long presence in the mouth and a creamy finish. It is marked by a very firm texture and medium to small grains, between 2 and 2.9 millimetres. Its colour range is dark, varying from grey and onyx to totally black.

Sterling Caviar Select

With the same taste and creaminess as our Royal and Classic varieties, the eggs in Sterling Caviar Select vary in size and colour. Its texture is smooth and pleasant, offering a simple and delicious result in the mouth for an exquisite taste experience. This grade is perfect whenever you want to add a touch of glamour to your events and celebrations.