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Our Caviar

From farm to table

Our Caviar

Caviar is the eggs of the sturgeon and no other type of fish. Although other fish eggs can be called caviar, the species to which they belong must always be specified. For example: ‘Salmon Caviar’. Only sturgeon eggs can be referred to solely by the word caviar.

Sterling offers three varieties of white sturgeon caviar (Acipenser transmontanus). These varieties of caviar are characterised by a firm and consistent texture that allows you to appreciate the way the eggs explode in your mouth when you taste them.


Sterling Caviar Imperial

Buttery and full of robust flavour. During our quality control processes, we sometimes come across caviar with extraordinary characteristics of flavour, texture, colour and size. Large pearls of more than three millimetres in diameter, ranging from grey to golden in colour and with a robust and creamy flavour that exceeds all expectations of the taste of caviar.


Sterling Caviar Royal

Our Royal Caviar is characterised by a large, firm pearl, of three or more millimetres in diameter, which surprises you with its intensely rich, nutty taste and will delight connoisseurs of caviar.


Sterling Caviar Classic

Our Sterling Classic Caviar has been likened to Osetra caviar. It has a nutty flavour that is both mild and robust. The small (between 2.5 and 2.9 millimetres in diameter) and firm pearls, characterised by their dark colour, produce a taste explosion on the palate.