Caviar is one of the most exquisite foods in the world. It is very highly valued for the flavour and texture extracted from the sturgeon and can delight even the most demanding palates. Certainly the rarity and scarcity of this product means that its price is not exactly cheap, but it is without doubt one of those pleasures we should all enjoy at least once in our lives. The famous food critic Carlos Maribona recommends our caviar, as recognised recently in the well-regarded newspaper El País in its ‘foodie’ section. He justifies his purchase in this very poetic way: “A good dollop of caviar at the start of a meal and everything will go like a dream”. He was paraphrasing Julio Camba, who considered caviar the most delicious food in the world, as well as an appetite stimulant. Maribona also recalls in the same newspaper that Josep Pla, in his book ‘Lo que hemos comido’ [What We’ve Eaten], stated ironically that caviar is a delicacy, and that even if it were cheap, it would still be one. Obviously these small grey and sticky dollops, with their delicate and subtle aroma, had for Pla an intense, light and original flavour.

Sturgeon eggs have always been somewhat exclusive and had their own ritual. Caviar is always served on mother-of-pearl, ivory or glass teaspoons, never in metal containers; according to the most expert palates, the latter alter its exquisite flavour. That’s the only way to really enjoy the authentic pleasure of this product when it touches the palate.  Although it’s true that it’s a delicacy that not all budgets can stretch to, there’s never a bad time to treat yourself. As such, caviar is ideal as a present on the most special occasions.  What better gift than a tin of exquisite sturgeon eggs? That’s why Maribona recommends the brand Sterling Caviar, which extracts its product from white sturgeon in the Sacramento River (California) and processes it using artisanal techniques with no pasteurisation or preservatives such as borax. A gourmet product we should all try at least once in our lives.