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Varieties of Caviar

From farm to table

The following varieties of caviar, obtained from different species of sturgeon, are currently marketed:


White Sturgeon Caviar

Obtained from the Pacific or white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus). At Sterling Caviar we are world leaders in the production of this sustainable caviar, which is likened to the best Osetra. It ranges from the dark, small pearls of our Classic to the large, buttery golden Imperial.


Osetra Caviar

Obtained from the Russian (Acipenser gueldenstaedti), Persian or Kura sturgeon (Acipenser persicus), Osetra has golden to dark brown colour variation. Its strong nutty flavour has an intense but mild taste. Its grains are medium-sized or large.


Beluga Caviar

Obtained from the Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso), native to the Caspian, Black, Azov and Adriatic Seas. Beluga is the largest sturgeon which produces the largest and softest roe.

caviar and egg

Sevruga Caviar

Obtained from the Star sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus), also native to the Caspian Sea.


Kaluga Caviar

Obtained from the Kaluga sturgeon (Huso daricus), originally from the Amur River Basin in China. Kaluga is a farmed caviar with large, light brown, soft and buttery beads.


Naccarii Caviar

Obtained from the Adriatic or Italian sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii). Historically this sturgeon has been present in Mediterranean Europe. Its grains are small and dark.


Baeri Caviar

Obtained from sturgeon species originally from Siberia (Acipenser baeri), and the most farmed species in France in the Aquitaine Basin. Its grains are small and dark.


Schrencki Caviar

Obtained from the Schrenki sturgeon (Acipenser schrencki), it is native to the Amur River and farmed in China. It produces caviar with medium grains and a golden colour.