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Caviar FAQ

From farm to table

What is caviar?

The term ‘caviar’ comes from the Persian word Khaviar, which means ‘carrier of eggs’. Caviar is the eggs of the sturgeon and no other type of fish. Although other fish eggs can be called caviar, the species to which they belong must always be specified: ‘Salmon Caviar’. Only sturgeon eggs are technically caviar.

What’s the difference between the different varieties of Sterling Caviar?

At Sterling Caviar, we divide our caviar into three varieties: Imperial, Royal and Classic. The differences are established during processing according to the size and colour of the grain of the eggs. All our caviar undergoes the same strict and meticulous process to guarantee the highest quality.

How long does caviar stay fresh?

Caviar should be kept refrigerated, at 0-3ºC, until it is eaten. If the tin is kept closed, the caviar maintains its quality for up to eight weeks. Once the tin is opened, the caviar should be consumed immediately because, on contact with the air, caviar develops flavours that make it lose its organoleptic quality.

How should caviar be served?

Keep it cold and limit exposure to the air. Caviar is best consumed directly to appreciate fully its flavour. Caviar can also be served on crackers or blinis; a bit of fresh cream also goes well with the taste of caviar. Other common accompaniments include finely chopped onion, chive or hard-boiled egg, although the authentic flavour of caviar takes precedence. You should avoid using metal spoons, which alter the quality and flavour of caviar. Mother-of-pearl spoons are ideal.

What is considered to be a serving of caviar?

This depends to a large extent on the person and how it is served. If it is served on its own, an adequate serving may contain 30 grammes of caviar. However, if it is being used as a garnish or accompanied by toast or blinis, that 30 grammes would constitute 2-3 servings.

How should Sterling Caviar be stored? Is Borax used?

Sterling Caviar does not use any preservatives other than salt and the cold to keep its exceptional quality intact. The use of other preservatives, such as Borax, is completely prohibited in the production of our caviar because it would alter its exclusive taste.

What does Malossol mean?

Malossol is a Russian word that means low in salt. The term Malossol refers to the artisanal method of caviar production using very low doses of salt and low temperatures throughout the whole process. It is an artisanal practice, perfected over the last hundred years, that maintains the authentic flavour of caviar.

Wild or aquacultured caviar?

The international convention CITES does not permit the marketing of caviar derived from wild stocks. Therefore, all caviar must carry on its labelling the CITES code which includes the following information: Species code (three letters)/Origin (F or C if from a farm)/Producer country (two letters)/year of packaging (yyyy)/CITES code of the producer or repackager.

Our Products


    With the same buttery and nutty flavor as the Royal and Classic Caviar, this roe varies in size and color. The eggs stimulate pure pleasure with their soft texture and simplicity. This grade is perfect for your everyday caviar indulgence and weekly caviar parties.

    From 50 €

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    Our Royal Caviar is characterised by a large, firm pearl, of three or more millimetres in diameter, which surprises you with its intensely rich, nutty taste and will delight connoisseurs of caviar.

    From 80 €

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    Possessing the same creamy, buttery flavors and firm texture of Sterling Imperial, our Supreme Caviar comes in shades of dark amber to vibrant green with medium to large eggs. A truly amazing caviar, Sterling Supreme will be sure to impress the finest chefs and connoisseurs alike.

    From 87.5 €

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    Buttery and full of robust flavour. During our quality control processes, we sometimes come across caviar with extraordinary characteristics of flavour, texture, colour and size. Large pearls of more than three millimetres in diameter, ranging from grey to golden in colour and with a robust and creamy flavour that exceeds all expectations of the taste of caviar.

    From 95 €

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    Our Sterling Classic Caviar has been likened to Osetra caviar. It has a nutty flavour that is both mild and robust. The small (between 2.5 and 2.9 millimetres in diameter) and firm pearls, characterised by their dark colour, produce a taste explosion on the palate.

    From 65 €

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